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The Worlds Best Rosin Press

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solvent Zero. The Worlds Best Rosin Press. No Chemicals. No Solvents.

How is Solvent Zero’s machine shipped?
Your order will be shipped via Fedex ground
Is your rosin press safe?

Yes. There are both manual and automatic settings added as safety measures, as well as an emergency stop switch.

Our sliding plates were engineered with the user’s safety in mind. There are handrails which are used to slide the plates to and away from the hydraulic cylinder. This ensures there are no hands near the pressing area.

The plates are also loaded with the product before they are slid under the top press plate & hydraulic cylinder. Maximum safety.

Which micron bags are the best to use?

We offer micron bags in a variety of sizes, from 25-220.

The correct size selection would depend on the type of starting material you are using. Please consult our user manual for more details or contact us.

What affect the color/clarity of rosin?
  1. Quality of your material
  2. Age of your material
  3. Temperature your material is pressed
Can I use the same rosin bags repeatedly?

Yes. However as with any type of high capacity or food grade production, consideration should be taken regarding the food grade rosin bags to make sure there is no noticeable detitioration, burning of the ends..etc.

What is the optimum amount of starting material that should be placed in each filter bag?

Approximately 50-60 grams

What material are the rosin bags made of?

Food grade nylon

If my machine is on backorder, how long until I receive my shipment?

The approximate wait time is 3 months.

How often do I need to buy more hydraulic oil?

You will receive a year supply of hydraulic oil

What’s the warranty on solvent zero rosin press?

One year manufacturer’s warranty

What are the typical types of yields I can expect?

20-60% yields depending on starting material

How powerful is the solvent zero press?

The Solvent Zero machine boasts a 30-ton hydraulic cylinder, for maximum yield and efficiency.

How can I pay for my purchases?

We currently accept Direct Wire Transfer via Order Online or Contact Sales for alternate payment options.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Absolutely. Please contact customer support

What can I do with Rosin?

Rosin extract is a finished product ready for formulation for food, beverage, topical and pet applications

What about health or safety risks?

Solventless rosin extracts meet all Health Canada Analytical testing requirements. Our machine can be part of a GMP certified process.

How does installation work?

Turn it on and it’s ready to use. All you need is a 3 phase power, 220V outlet. No other types of equipment needed! Just plug the machine in, fill with hydraulic fluid and away you go! 

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